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If your not keen on cold sandwiches for lunch all the time then selections of Food Flasks will be ideal for you. We have a large selection of Flasks which are perfect for Lunch Boxes for kids and also stylish Flasks for adults. The best part is that you can have a nice hot lunch without resorting to a microwave. We have Food Flasks which are retro design and contemporary. You will find our selection in stock below. These Flasks are ideal for all types of rice, noodle and pasta dishes. They have a large opening for easy access and some Food Flasks Jars even have a built in Foldable spoon included.
Aladdin Bento Lunch Box, 0.65L, Tomato Red
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Aladdin Bento Lunch Box, 0.6L, Blue Aliens
 £13.87  Online Price:
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Aladdin Bento Lunch Box, 0.95L, Tomato Red
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Grunwerg Pioneer Food Flask, 0.48L, Green
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Thermos Challenger Food Flask 0.5L
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