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The 7 Sandwich Wonders of the World


In celebration of British Sandwich week, here are seven wonderful sandwiches from around the world. Which ones you go for will depend on your tastes and time constraints, some will take a little more work than others!

1. Eiffel Tower - France


Our first stop is a short hop across the channel to France, for a toweringly great sandwich! Of course, this will need to be made on a traditional French baguette. Not one of those tiny little baguettes that you get in Britain, this has to be one of the huge, long, fresh baguettes that the French are famous for. Preferably purchased in a lovely French bakery and transported to the kitchen in the basket of a bicycle. You will need real butter, French brie, some good, thick slices of tomato and sliced olives. If the baguette is of the recommended size, you will also need someone to share it with. Paris is the city of love after all! And of course, you will need a large carafe of French red wine, preferably a fabulous quality one from the heart of the Loire valley.

2. Pyramids - Egypt


This is one of the more complicated sandwich creations, that will involve a little bit of cutting. Take six rounds of sliced bread and pile them on top of each other. Using a sharp knife, carefully cut them into a pyramid shape. Then deconstruct your pyramid and spread butter between each layer. The bottom layer should contain a falafel burger, preferably the spicy variety. This can easily be made at home by blending up a tin of chickpeas, two tablespoons of plain flour, a small onion, some parsley, cumin and chilli powder to taste. Cook each burger in a little oil until the outside is tastefully burnt. Put a little tomato relish on top of the burger. The next layer should contain Egyptian feta cheese and green fava beans crumbled with some cucumber and dill and mixed with a little olive oil and garlic. The top layer of your sandwich should contain a refreshing yoghurt, mint and cucumber dip, very traditional in Egypt although usually served with pitta bread.

3. Colosseum - Italy


This is another sandwich that needs to be big (are you spotting a theme here?!) and you will need to use four slices of pizza bianca, a traditional Roman bread that is used all over Italy. The bottom filling will be sunblushed tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella. The next filling will have to be provolone cheese, sliced plum tomatoes and deli sliced Genoa salami. Of course, the whole sandwich will need to be toasted, panini style for that true Italian feeling.

4. Statue of Liberty - America 


This is a less complicated recipe that New York fans will love. It is quite simply, a New York Deli sandwich with pastrami and cheese. This is best served on rye bread in the traditional style and you will need to follow the New York rule of eating; more is more! So pack in those fillings and serve with as much mustard or ketchup as you like.

5. Acropolis - Greece 


A Greek sandwich needs to be made on traditional Greek flatbread. This one is best served as a deconstructed sandwich. Let your guests build their sandwich as they wish from your selection of the finest quality Greek ingredients. Of course, feta cheese and olives both need to put in an appearance in your selection, along with some fresh tomatoes at room temperature, some oregano to flavour it and, if you’re feeling generous, you could offer some beautifully cooked lamb for a really substantial filling.

6. Petra - Jordan


The ancient city of Petra is famous for its rock cut architecture, its water system and the rose colour of the stone it is carved out of. In honour of the Rose city, you will need to serve this sandwich with a chilled bottle of rose wine, not too much of a hardship! Your sandwich should be made from pitta bread, filled with hummus, pickled vegetables and the traditional Jordanian moutabal. This is roasted, pureed aubergine with garlic and it goes particularly well with hummus and the pickled vegetables that are so popular throughout Jordan.

7. Houses of Parliament - England


Last but not least, our journey brings us full circle, back to good old Blighty and London. You will need unsliced, crusty white bread that you cut into nice big doorstop wedges. Spread with real butter as thick as you like. The filling is traditional beef and pickle, which can be complemented with salad such as lettuce and tomatoes if you want to add a bit of something healthy. However, we also like the good old favourite of pickle and thick wedges of Cheddar cheese - you really can't beat it.

What is your favourite sandwich filling?